Ponting resigns as Australia captain

Ponting resigns as Australia captain

Ricky Ponting announced his resignation as captain of Australia’s one-day international and Test teams after arriving home on Tuesday following Australia’s early exit from the ICC World Cup.

Ponting has come under increasing pressure since losing the Ashes on home soil in the winter and a few days after the three-time World Cup winners crashed out of the tournament on the sub-continent he believes the time is right to let someone else take over the mantle.

The feisty Tasmanian had led the Aussie national one-day side since 2002 and took over the Test side in 2004. He is the most successful Australian captain of all time but accepts he will go down in history as the skipper who lost three Ashes series.

"There probably are a few people out there who will look at me in that light, I'd like to think that through my playing time I've achieved a whole lot more than that though, whether that be as a player or as a captain of this side," Ponting said.
"It's funny how we talk about losing the Ashes three times, playing in three World Cup-winning teams never comes up very often, winning 16 consecutive Test matches doesn't come up very often, winning 30-odd consecutive World Cup games doesn't come up very often, but that's the world we live in.

"I and all my teammates know, and everyone at Cricket Australia knows what I've been able to achieve in the game, and that's what I'm very proud of.”

Looking back on nine years at the helm, Ponting chose his maiden World Cup victory in 2003 as the highlight of his tenure as captain. "I think if I was to pick one it would probably be the first World Cup that I captained, a relatively new captain going into that tournament," he said. "As everyone knows we got through that tournament undefeated, I made a big hundred in the final and to this day that's probably one of the proudest moments of my career."

Ponting is not yet planning to retire from international cricket and believes he can improve his performance as a player when relieved of the burden of responsibility.

“I haven't put a finish date or time on when my international career's going to be over. To tell the honest truth I think the fact I'm not captain anymore might give me the chance of actually playing better,” he said. "It'll just keep me a bit mentally fresher than I have been the last couple of years. I think if I'm mentally fresh and got my skills in reasonable order I think I'll be able to certainly bat better than I have in the past six months."


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