Now you understand the basics of spread betting having explained what is meant by buying and selling and that the make-up is the result which is multiplied by your stake to determine the total profit or loss.

It’s easy to see how this form of betting creates so much excitement for players with the chance of big winnings and the risk of big losses. One of the great advantages of spread betting comes when the favourites available on the fixed odds betting markets with online bookmakers are virtually unbackable.

For example, if England play Romania in rugby union, everyone knows England will win, but will they do so by between 98 and 102 points? In a football match when England play the Faroe Islands, England are 1/10 to win the match, but will they win by five goals?

This is where spread betting comes into its own, offering players the best value with the element of unpredictability that makes watching sport so much more interesting. Do your research and you will soon learn when to buy and when to sell. Here are some pointers to help you on your way.

Live Cricket spread image

Sell the spread

65% of sports spread bettors buy rather than sell and because of this the market makers set the spread high. This means the markets are generally set in favour of people who sell and here are a couple of examples to support this theory:

In horse racing, records show that selling winning lengths at every horse meeting throughout the season returns a profit.
Similarly in football, selling corners on Premier League games has also shown a profit.

Of course, it won’t be plain sailing and by the nature of spread betting, there would be some disastrous days for those sellers. But, gambling is all about showing patience and having the ability to ride the losses on the way to making a profit.

Go against the trend

Another key rule in spread betting is to go against the norm as the spread moves.

In the earlier rugby international example, almost everybody betting the spread would back England to beat Romania so the spread on points supremacy moves from 98-102 to 106-110. The market maker thinks the buy price is worth 102, but the weight of money pushes the buy price to 110 as the spread betting firm looks to reduce its risk, the timing is right for you to step in and go against the trend by selling at 106.

Learn to be a trader

In spread betting the in-running service is equally important. Most firms offer betting when the event is in play, creating the opportunity for you to take a profit or limit a loss at any time. For example, if you buy corners before the game at 11-12, but if there are eight corners in the first-half, the spread will move to 15-16 at half-time. You have the chance to close your bet by selling at 15 at half-time and guarantee a profit of three points.

The skill in-running is to know when to get in and get out. Ever since betting exchanges were introduced a new form of gambler has emerged, looking to get in and get out as soon as they can make a £100 profit, they have become traders rather than gamblers.

You cannot guarantee a profit every time so you must remember to cut your £100 loss when it goes against you as well.

Know your risk

Spread betting is a high-risk form of gambling because for every big winner there is a big loser. When you place a bet at fixed-odds with an online bookmaker you know exactly what you are going to win or lose but with spread betting it’s not that straightforward. A £10 buy of the corners is not the same as a £10 buy of the runs in the test match – obviously there will be many more runs in cricket than corners in football, so the volatility of the total runs market is much greater than the total corners market.

Always look at how volatile the market is or ask the trader what the stop-loss is. The stop-loss limits what you win or lose: corners have a stop loss of 10, so a £10 buy is a £100 maximum risk. Cricket team runs have a stop-loss of 200, so a £10 buy is a £2,000 risk. Spread betting is still the most exciting form of gambling but be careful as spread bets carry a high level of risk to your capital. Understand your risk and only play with money that you can afford to lose.

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