Betting on horse racing has been a popular pastime for centuries and probably much longer as reference to horse racing can be traced back to ancient Greek and Roman times.

In the UK, The Jockey club was formed in 1750 to administer the sport of horse racing which was attracting crowds of spectators betting on the outcome of the races and by the end of the century the first bookmaker set up at Newmarket.

The organisation of thoroughbred racing has evolved into a worldwide sport with race meetings held across Europe, USA, Australia, the Middle East and the Far East with two distinct forms of horse racing that have proved popular for betting; Flat Racing and Jump Racing.

Some gamblers prefer to bet on just one form of racing as they have very different characteristics. But both are thrilling to watch and horse racing remains a sport that is made more exciting when there is a bet on the outcome and all the more so when you are playing with your best free bets.

Best Free Bets Types of Horse Racing

Flat Racing

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 Flat Racing is the most glamorous of the two forms of horse racing and has the most lucrative prizes.

Races take place on natural grass (turf) surfaces or on synthetic surfaces more commonly known as all-weather.

The most prestigious races in the UK and Europe are run on turf but in USA most racing takes place on synthetic (dirt) surfaces and they have true dirt classic races in addition to the turf classics.


Flat races are run over a variety of distances, these are commonly referred to in furlongs which is an eighth of a mile and are divided into three categories:
• Sprints, 5 – 7 furlongs.
• Middle distance, 1 mile to 1mile 4 furlongs
• Stayers races, 1 mile 6 furlongs or more

Jump Racing

Jump racing is also known as National Hunt racing which is split into three distinct disciplines:
• Hurdles, races of at least 2 miles over small timber obstacles of about 3’ 6” in height.
• Steeple Chases, races of at least 2 miles over a variety of obstacles including Plain Fences at least 4’ 6” in height, Water Jump over fences of at least 3’ in height with water at least 3” deep and Open Ditches which feature ditch in front of the fence.
• Bumper races, which are flat races run over National Hunt courses


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Horse racing takes place the whole year round and you have the opportunity to bet on horse racing almost every day. Many major meetings are broadcast in the UK on terrestrial television with comprehensive coverage on satellite television.


The bigger online bookmakers allow you to watch races live on their website if you place a bet on the race. The reviews in the bookmaker section of best free bets will let you know which bookies offer this facility.


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